Spanky Banjo Ukes
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Spanky Banjo Ukes are built by luthiers Phil Morris and Dan Fobert.  Combining Phil's longtime love affair with the ukulele and Dan's creativity and innovative construction techniques, with input from other ukulele and banjo players they have developed an idea for an instrument built in the traditional way but utilizing up to date features.  Spanky Banjo Ukes use a longer, wider concert scale length neck for easier play and a synthetic head to eliminate the problems natural skin heads have with changes in humidity.  The advanced Renaissance and Fiberskyn head materials produce a mellow natural tone while maintaining plenty of banjo volume and punch.

A variety of fine woods are used in the construction of Spanky ukes, from traditional domestics like walnut, maple and cherry to exotics like jatoba, sapele, zebra wood, ebony, and even Hawaiian koa.  The goal is to make each Spanky Uke a unique creation with a visual beauty to match it's wonderful sound.

Resonators even out the tone of the instrument and also provide a palette for Dan's inlay artistry

Spanky Uke Jingle by the Wahooligans