Spanky Banjo Ukes
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Available Instruments

We don't take custom orders but will post instruments as they come out of the shop.  These instruments are currently available.

Currently Available:

A nice article on Spanky Ukes recently appeared in the Dallas Morning News creating some unexpected interest and diminishing our stock of finished instruments. Our next build cycle will start in mid January with these instruments being finished mid March.  Remaining on hand we have:

Bubinga Concert:  $1295

Walnut/Mahogany Concert:  $1195
Spanky Pricing Structure:

Concert scale in standard woods (walnut, maple, cherry, mahogany):  $1195
Exotic wood upgrade: +$100
Tenor scale length: +$100

All instruments include a gig bag and wire arm rest.


A Few Previously Sold Instruments


We are based in Texas and wanted to do something special for the Dallas Ukulele Festival so we built this instrument from mostly local wood.  The pot, neck and resonator are Texas mesquite which features beautiful colors and figure in addition to being extremely hard and stable.  We stuck with ebony for the fretboard and peghead overlay since it compliments the mesquite so well.  The rose resonator inlay is holly.  Tuners as always are Pegheds and the top is fyberskin.  We also slipped an armrest in on this one.


Next we have an all walnut Spanky with a Red River maple rose inlaid in the resonator.  Red River maple is a rare and beautiful wood that gets its red staining from a beetle that bores into the tree.  Fretboard and peghead overlay are ebony.  The top is Fiberskin and the tuners are Pegheds. 


Sometimes we are surprised by how beautiful an instrument turns out.  Such is the case with this uke with redheart pot and resonator.  The resonator rose inlay is Red River maple and the neck and pot cap are birdseye maple.  Fretboard and peghead overlay are ebony.  Tuners are Pegheds and the top is Fyberskyn.  An arm rest has been added for extra comfort.


We use walnut a lot as it is a very traditional banjo material besides looking beautiful and sounding great.  This one has a walnut pot, neck and resonator which is inlaid with a Red River maple rose.  The fretboard and peghead overlay are ebony and the top is Remo Renaissance.  Strings as always are Aquila Nylguts.  Tuners are Pegheds geared tuners.






The banjo players we have shown it to love this one.  This instrument features a walnut neck and pot with a maple cap.  Fretboard and peghead overlay are ebony and the fretboard sports a frailing scoop.  The resonator is walnut with an inlaid compass rose.  Tuners are pegheds and the top is Remo Renaissance material.  This instrument is SOLD.



This Spanky has a sapele pot and neck with a maple cap on the pot.  The fretboard and peghead overlay are ebony.  The head is Remo Fyberskin material which produces a lot of volume while keeping it mellow.  The resonator is sapele with an inlaid holly rose.  The scale length is 15" (concert) and the bridge is figured mahogany capped with ebony.  Pegheds tuners are used and it is strung with Aquila Nylgut strings. 
This instrument is SOLD.


This striking uke has a zebra wood pot with a maple neck and cap on the pot.  Fretboard and peghead overlay are Gabon ebony.  Tuners are Pegheds and strings are Aquilla high G.  The custom bridge is figured mahogany with ebony cap,  The head is Remo Fyber skin which looks and sounds very close to natural calf skin.  This instrument is SOLD.