Spanky Banjo Ukes
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Some of our friends have been kind enough to send us videos and sound files of Spanky ukes in action. These show some of the range of different styles and sounds that work well on this instrument.

Dirje Faye Wahoo (Dirje Smith) of the Wahooligans wrote and recorded this sweet song for their new album.  Kelly Mulhollan's fantastic lead work on the recording shows a whole different side of the Spanky uke.

Wonderful, energetic singer/songwriter Zoe Lewis recorded this short number for us:

Here is Christy, Dirje, Gordon and Kelly jamming on A Minor Swing.  This is a good demonstration of how the Spanky holds its own in a group.

Kelly Mulhollan of the duo Still on the Hill can play anything with strings on it but he got his start on the ukulele.  In this recording made before he got his own Spanky, he gives the instrument a quick workout.

Gordon McLeod shows off several different styles on the Spanky uke

Singer/Songwriter Drew Nelson sent us this nice video

Andy Avera wrote and recorded this very cool tune to show off the Spanky's range. He calls it "Swamp Thing"

Here is a rough video of Phil playing "Five Foot Two" on prototype #1.  Sorry for the quality.  The video picked up some high frequency buzz somewhere in processing for the web so it won't give you much of an idea of what the instrument sounds like,  We clearly have a lot to learn about internet videos and will upload some videos of good players soon.

We have added two audio clips below to give you a better idea of the sound.  The first clip is prototype #1 and the second clip is prototype #2.




Here is the Spanky Uke Jingle written and performed by Texas based, Vaudeville style band, The Wahooligans